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Self Control and Regulation : PreK/K Edition

Skills we´re working on:

Self control

Regulation of emotions

Trying new things

Learning about the world- science

I can do it/Confidence

Focus on following directions, paying attention


         Self control isn´t easy, even for big people. This is a hard thing to teach, especially to 4 and 5 yr olds so I went to the experts for this one. Five weeks of lessons on self control using some of the most advanced therapeutic techniques available today from a noted occupational therapist is the result. The rest of the lessons on self control will be a separate curriculum pack. 


         The plans are based on the Superhero Self Control book by Senior Occupational Therapist Lauren Brukner, who herself has young children who struggle with a variety of self regulation related disabilities. So, it is a book filled with her own strategies that she doubtless used with her own children and solidly based in professional therapeutic practice. She breaks it down to a young child´s level of understanding well.


      The plans I´ve created use the book and its creative ideas as a base, and then the discussions with the children and activities that reinforce the book´s content are added to further remind and strengthen the children´s resolve to want to use these expert level but simple techniques for self regulation. The book is not expensive.

The book you will need to purchase is NOT optional to do this stuff. I have organized the book´s content into bite sized, manageable pieces and added fun activities to entend the learning, discussion points and tips for how to present the information in the most kid friendly way possible to go with it so that self control day will be known as super fun day or a super fun week. These book lessons and discussions are intended to be done one per week and then you further reinforce the lesson with my activity on another day and have them do the techniques they´ve been taught as needed during the week. 

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