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Learning About What It Means To Be Blind

Skills We´re Practicing:



Listening Skills and Listening Accuracy

Fine and gross motor



Wisdom and Understanding

Seeing Through Another´s Eyes


Literacy- sequencing, prediction


This set of 4 days´ worth of heart warming and interesting lessons for PreK and K students focuses on the strengths of indiviuals who are blind, what causes blindness and how we can understand the condition better. One of my most popular lessons in my classes (of the whole year). Children will recieve hands on, intense instruction on how we can really understand and appreciate what people with blindness go through and what it is. Meant to be done in one week, but you could spread it out as well.  Not for the faint of heart. The activities are very challenging for this age group but my students have always LOVED this lesson so I urge you to give it a try. Beautifully designed plans.


Optional expenses: A book and a model of a eye may need to be purchased (the lesson plan contains the links to some good ones) but the study could be done with a different book on blindness and an eye model could be made. 


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