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Defeating Anger: PreK/K Edition

We´re learning:

specific anger management strategies

calming techniques

fine motor skills

art, written expression


Defeat anger and teach kids, step by step, how to defuse almost any situations they will face! This is a digital download which provides a detailed description of what book you will need to buy (book is not optional) and exactly what pages and what activities from the book to use for which day. It contains a plan for 3 lessons, which is one lesson per week. I have just organized information from the book into a useable format for preschool teachers, this is NOT a lesson plan that I created- it´s simply an outline. These domains of learning are included: fine motor/writing, cognitive, social-emotional. This is not intended to teach reading or math skills. Parent ideas and game ideas are included as well. The book you will need is less than $10.

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