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What is your legal policy for the use of this curriculum?

For purchases of curriculum, there is no re-selling allowed. Please do not send the curriculum to your friends and coworkers for free, other than the free samples.
Any curriculum purchased is only for your specific use in your own class or if you have a home daycare. One copy is not intended to be used for an entire center, please obtain a copy for each teacher. Just like the people who write books or make movies deserve to profit from their hard work, so do I. Please respect that.

What is your refund policy? 

Refunds are up to my discretion due to the nature of a digital product.
Please request free samples at ms.melody@eqlibrium.org so you will already be well aware of my style and what kind of activities, talking points and effort is required of you as the teacher in general so that if you don´t like the samples, you won´t need to purchase curriculum you won´t be using. This hopefully will help me avoid unnecessary returns.

What is your basic teaching philosophy?

That teaching should always be DAP, fun, hands on, and allow children time to think and learn deeply about a subject. These are not lessons you do one time and then forget, there is regular practice built in to the curriculum and this should be done for best results.

If it´s digital, why didn´t I receive it immediately?

There is something wrong! Contact me at ms.melod@eq-librium.net or ms.melody@eqlibrium.org

Can I see samples?

Yes! Please send a request for a sample to ms.melody@eqlibrium.org  Your sample will be based on the book Grouchy Ladybug, which you will need in order to do the lesson plan. Themes them is learning about one´s emotions, labeling them and what grouchy means and should we stay grouchy? It is versatile, for ages 2 to 5 with different ideas for each age. It has not been beautified yet.